How It Works

The ten organizations  that form the Equal Voice Network are Marguerite Casey grantees. The organizations offer a range of services to the communities of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The Casey grantees, however, in addition to the value of their service, have also adopted a commitment to the creation of a social movement that would bring families to the tables of decision makers in the region.

The organizations meet monthly with the intention of following up to the mandates of the national platform. In addition to the local network, the RGV EV Network partners with state-level networks (the Texas Civic Engagement Table and Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance) and national networks (CAMBIO and the Southern Border Communities Coalition).

The Network of Casey-Funded, Community Based Organizations

The Network presently operates six working groups: Immigration, Jobs, Housing, Health, Civic Engagement, and Education. The groups were formed in response to the needs identified by the region's families (during town hall meetings). The working groups have chairs or co-chairs, and meet bi-monthly. The membership of the working groups comes from the participating organizations, as capacity allows, and, importantly, leadership from other interested organizations in the region. The Network Weaver works to coordinate this work, but the working group chairs retain the responsibility for the successes of the collaboration.

Six Working Groups Managed by the Membership
(chairs and co-chairs are in green)
 As the work has gone forwarded, the network has been able to find ways to work with other allies in the area.