The Working Groups

The RGV Equal Voice presently focuses its work in six issue areas.

Immigration: The group works toward comprehensive, humane immigration reform. Locally, the group focuses on pushing back against anti-immigrant legislation, on creating new alliances among schools, churches, small businesses and others to protect the rights of all residents in the Valley. The group has spent resources on the promotion of The Dream Act,  Ag Jobs, having drivers’ licenses restrictions for the undocumented removed, and in struggling against all Secure Communities' Legislation.

Education: This group aims to lower the nearly 50% high school drop out rate. A more short time goal is the formation of several independent "PTA's", a tool which allows for effective parental involvement in the schools.

Jobs: The Jobs' group is focused on establishing a Workers' Center, a space in which hourly wage workers could organize against the highest form of thievery in our region: the theft of wages. The group also advocates for the closing of payday loan companies.

Health Care: This working group labors at removing the barriers to medical care for the more than 53% of the Rio Grande Valley population which is uninsured.

Housing: The Housing working group's immediate goal is the formation of an alliance of all low income housing groups in the area as a way of effectively working to established dignified housing for all residents. The group is presently engaged in the task of making sure that the more than $105 million in hurricane relief aid actually reaches the neediest families in the area.

Civic Engagment: This group is divided into the two counties that anchor our efforts (Hidalgo and Cameron). The groups aims to increase voter participation and improve the quality of the relationship between voters and the elected.